World Book Day 2017

In honour of World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March , a number of students were chosen to take part in literature-based activities in the library.  Students said they enjoyed the day, after creating bookmarks and book covers, crafting poetry from word banks and collaboratively writing stories in small groups.

Highlights from the day include poetry by year 7 and 8 students, which varied from traditional verse to haikus, and even a rap!  One year 9 pupil, wrote a beautiful shape poem, incorporating language of love and desire with the image of a turbulent storm:


Lovely One

As I’m writing to you

From the bottom of my heart

You are as beautiful as the star that clear the heaven

Every time I see you my heart cyclone like

The types of storm in the universe.

My heart pump quickly like the tiger that chases his prey

My cheek is as red as the blast of the quake

Of volcano into the sea.

I dream that you dash kisses of explosion that vibrate

To the space of the God.

For you

My flutter of happiness.     

Miss Kingsman and Mrs Beale, who organised the event, would like to thank the students who participated for making the sessions so enjoyable and creating such outstanding pieces of work – “What really stood out, was the way students worked together so harmoniously and helped one another to get the most out of the activities. It was a real pleasure to see!”

By Miss Kingsman

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