The Future Doctors programme FREE to join. Starting October 2022. 

Could you be a lifesaver? What do doctors really do?

The Future Doctors programme FREE to join. Starting October 2022.

We would like to offer Year 9, 10 and 11 students the opportunity to join the Future Doctors: Virtual Medical Society programme with the Kent and Medway Medical School (KMMS).

The online sessions* will be based on the KMMS curriculum and go through topics such as Heart, Lung and Blood; Health and Disease; Neuroscience and Behaviour; Immune System; and many more.

This FREE programme aims to increase awareness of what it takes to apply to and study medicine or other healthcare subjects, through fun, inspiring and interactive sessions focused on medicine, health, and science.

You will have an opportunity to meet others interested in Medicine, join our online community and learn with real doctors!

*on location activities may become available later

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Participant (age 13):

“This is a really well organised and inspirational programme. It’s very inclusive and everyone gets a chance to contribute. And it’s encouraging because the teachers and mentors are doctors and you get to hear about their experiences – and they are really good at answering your questions! The demonstrations are excellent and you learn how they apply to real-life scenarios”

Mother of participant:

“This is a brilliant, unique opportunity for my daughter. She was so enthused and encouraged after her first session. Her dream to be a doctor now seems like a real possibility. Thank you”

How do I sign up?

We want to encourage aspiring doctors from all backgrounds to seriously consider medicine as a career. We are committed to widening access to medical degrees and have ambitious targets to recruit students from Kent, Medway and further afield, who have the talent and aspiration to study medicine, and are from under-represented groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.
For this reason, this programme is aimed at Year 9, 10 and 11 from non-selective schools in Kent and Medway. We will consider applications from students who are from selective schools if there are any vacancies.