Matt welcomed everyone back.  Welcome to our new staff:-


Elizabeth – Social Science

Kathy – Maths 

John –  Science

Emma – TA

Stuart – TA

Kristel – TA

Kerry – TA


Matt congratulated Simon on this recent engagement over the holiday.


Year 11 left last term and will be working online over the next few weeks.  Thank you to all those involved in work experience, college.




Please focus on not letting students out of class during lessons unless they have a pass.  If a  student is desperate to go to the toilet, please make sure they have a signed permission note with them, to show staff if questioned.  Letting students out of class cause’s Health and Safety issues, we have had a lot of vandalism and most recently a safeguarding issue.  Make sure students get their water bottles filled up during break, this is not an excuse to go out of class.


All to focus on students for Language, verbal, literacy, it is so important the way they present themselves especially later on in interviews.  When Matt first came to the school no interviewer would look at a HA student in the way they presented themselves, that is not the case now we have had positive feedback on how well they present themselves these days.  Please encourage language, vocabulary and interaction with them.


Matt wished all a great day.