MTA Took the briefing.
– The Expansion Vessel in the new build has burst which has caused the closing of the new build. All water is shut off in the building, MTA is hopeful it will be up and running later today.
– Risk / Possibility we will not be open tomorrow, you will be able to work from home, online learning will resume. This will be confirmed as soon as MTA has been updated, this could be later tonight or tomorrow morning so please keep an eye on your emails and make sure you have all the resources you need when you go home today.
– If this issue continues we will bring the inset day forward to Monday and resume Tuesday if the fault has been repaired, again this will be confirmed as soon as we have been updated.
– Any concerns and support on online learning please see CMO
– Any student’s issues or problems first point of call is HOY.
– RHI All cover teachers to report to CMO reference streaming lessons.
– All visitors to the school will still resume as there are no issues in the main building.
– MTA finished the meeting asking all staff to keep an eye on their emails.