Staff Briefing 30.06.23

MTA took today’s briefing

  • Massive thank you, successful start to the new year, positive impact on getting classes settled with the right expectations.
  • Big thank you to all those involved in the new horizons, positive feedback by parents
  • Steph Y had the British Heart Foundation into her lessons to do some life saving work with students.
  • Vicky D has started staff fitness sessions this week.
  • Thank you to Char, Claire, Danni, Alanna, Mandy, Nigel and site team who helped with prom last Friday
  • Uniform has been much better this week, thank you for your efforts on this
  • Natasha H for taking the English class doing a great job
  • Positive comments from members of the public about how great Hartsdown Students are
  • Hartsdown is recognised as an inclusive school from colleagues from London and as far as Devon

Students to Celebrate

  • 31 Students who have gained their BRONZE strive award this week
  • Students who gained their SILVER strive award this week

Jozef G (10V)

Megan R (10V)

Vanesa R (09S)

Miley R (09S)

Seb G (09I)

Lewis H (09I)

Harvey M (09S)

Jack H (07T)

  • GOLD Strive award this week

Ella C (10V)

Summer S (09S)

James H (09S)

Leah U (07I)

  • 15 Students gained their LION Strive award this week

Maison A (10V)

Karina B (09R)

Bruno B (08V)

Theo W (08V)

Harley W (08S)

Victoria A (08E)

Lucas W (08V)

Leo N (ARK3)

Bailey L (08S)

Maize M B (07I)

Harry H-N (07V)

Jehran K (09E)

Alberto E (07S)

Georgi G (07T)

Dimitri D (10V)

    • Rachel H and Jasmine E – Albert Benak has returned to mainstream and has positive feedback in lessons this week
  • Staff Postcards

Tim Mc

Fay H

Will T

John S

Joseph E

Stacey P