Matt opened the briefing to hold a minute of silence for Martin Collins from Dare to Differ who sadly passed away last week.  Karen from Place To Be will be available for not only our students but also Staff.  Our thoughts are with his family and all those affected.


We have an INSET day on Thursday, the agenda will be sent out tomorrow afternoon.


Salmestone Primary school will be here for a science visit this week.


The equipment button is going live on class charts, this is to help our students for later in life when they go to work making sure they have the correct PPE etc, please check in tutor times.


Thank you for the Ambassadors in classes, please make sure this is 100% every lesson.


Please make sure you log homework even if not submitted.


MT had a good meeting Friday with the trust, feedback will be given by Kate Greig, all MT could say is the transformation could only be possible in our schools because we are able to collaborate to make a difference.


Make sure you get your football scores to Nigel, there will be a showcase in the staff meeting which will be short and not followed by department time to allow you to go home and either watch the football or take the time for yourselves.