MTA took the meeting.

– Please continue to remind yourself of the 4c’s.
– Lots of celebration and improvement.
– Visits this week went really well, Ambassadors improved each day.
– Yesterday’s visit, Headteacher, Kate Greig, went very well. They were very impressed with the teaching, students and positive support given to the MYP teachers.
– Special thank you to KMZ.
– LPA congratulations for the Early Careers great feedback from the CAT HA is leading in this event.

Thank you’s
– All those involved in the CAT Testing.
– The Exams office.
– ECO for the support work you are doing.
– BSM for the year 7 football club, please reinforce all clubs that are going on.
– Four of our sixth formers are doing the race for life

Well done
– SEN Team for the Passports
– Please give positive praise to students Katie Stannard and Jamel Smith
– RHI informed all Yr 11 invites to certain members of staff, will be sent out to attend a xmas buffet in December.