– MTA Reminder to all staff that we are due an Ofsted visit and to be prepared.

Key Focus:

– Massive thank you on Books Students are doing well.
– Working Books – Reinforce basics
– Tutors to do daily equipment checks. You can obtain equipment from the vending machine located in the Canteen.

– Yr 7 SEN Passports – Link to Classroom
– Yr 9 Rotation, Books are in HO office
– Please check the homework spreadsheet.

– Open evening Monday next week and open mornings Tues-Fri
– Please check your classrooms and displays very important that we make a good impression.
– Interacting experience – Important getting Students involved.

Any other Business:

– BS Yr 7 Sports trials – Timetable being sent out
– 05/11/2021 Copper Box Game, anyone interested please contact BS

– RH If you are changing Classrooms you must let RH know, you cannot just use any classroom.