MTA took today’s briefing


  • PPE has gone really well. We have had good feedback with a rise in attendance especially with our target students, Invigilators have commented on how well the behaviour was.
  • We now have a science department after school club up and running, thank you to all those who are and have been involved in this.
  • We still need to raise the attendance for our after school clubs.
  • Yr 8 parents’ evening went extremely well, very positive feedback from parents.  Massive thank you for the work you have and are still carrying out.


  • Stacey Pollard is now our Volunteer Assistant Head of Sixth Form.
  • MTA please email him with student details you wish him to write to.
  • Mem Fis please ask him about the computer game he is currently involved with.
  • SH – Please encourage students to use the careers website this will raise aspirations.
  • Xello Feedback Form Time just 20 minutes please speak to SH.