MTA took today’s Briefing.

– Thank you to all those involved in the HMI Inspector on Friday. They were really impressed with our Middle Leaders on the curriculum and with what the students discussed and how HA has stepped up and taken them seriously.
– Message to all when we have our inspection, is to be more confident, we are actually doing really good.
– Year 7 Parent Evening will be going ahead for the first time since COVID.
– BTEC deadline for registration 15/10/21.
– Few issues with streaming lessons in 6th Form and Isolation, this is a permanent fixture any issues please liaise with CM or your HOD who will support you.
– Safeguarding will say a few words to us in our weekly briefings. MC if we report a safeguarding issue and the drop box does not provide us with what we need, we are to ask the safeguarding team or HOY who will tell us if it is actually a safeguarding matter or can be dealt with by pastoral. They will guide us so that nothing gets missed.
– MTA wished us a good week.