MTA Took the briefing.

– Introduction to new PGCEs
– Peter – PE
– Fabian – History
– Positives Online about HA, please share with MTA if you have positive and negative comments.
– Inset day tomorrow – Bacon Rolls will be provided, no lunch.
– PSHE Deep Dive – Wednesday
– Thank you to all for getting the Data in, HOD to check.

Any other Business
– SWI,THU and LD from Think Forward will be supporting KR from Place To Be on a Charity Walk for Mental Health. SWI will be sending out just giving page link shortly. Please support as half of Place To Be funding comes from donations.
– SWI has been baking and will provide us all with biscuits for Inset Day.
– Reminder of Place to talk for staff, if you need to speak to a counsellor please contact SWI who will book it for you.
– SWI has been asked to arrange another Well Being online bake off, when arranged it will be on a Saturday / Sunday Morning, details will follow.
– CSH Reminder it is Black History Month, he will be sending out materials to use in Form Time.
– BSM Will be holding the first Girls Only Club on Friday Evening for multi-sports. Staff Welcome.
– THU / SWI LGBTQIA+ Club Tonight – all welcome.