Matt Tate took the briefing.


Celebrations this week:-

  • Visits from KES and Danecourt both schools were totally blown away with teaching, learning, behaviour and the cover in lessons.
  • 10 to 10 days to the end of term – You can get your raffle tickets from DE and SLT, lessons will continue to be structured and boundaries set until end of term.


Thank you:-

  • For all those involved in the running of the vaccinations, and for the teaching in class continuing during the disruption.
  • Sara Richardson, for getting more students involved in music we had 21 tasters.
  • ARK Staff for the CPD yesterday. Positive feedback on how well students are doing in the right environment.
  • HK and KL contribution.
  • TH organising meeting.
  • RS for sending MT email for postcards to be sent out.
  • Aaron / Alfie Hedges great conversations with both students about minimum and expected grades. Massive shift in attitude and what they want to achieve.


Finish off:-

  • Beat KES at Golf
  • HA have beat schools at Football.
  • We will be holding a football match next Friday, all welcome to get involved.
  • HA to increase well being, really important for everyone, any ideas please see SW and MT.
  • Test email went out yesterday, training has been sent out for all to do, please give feedback.