Online Safety

Online Safety

All parents understandably are concerned about the online safety of their children. At Hartsdown we do the following to support children’s safety online:

  • Lesson time in KS3 about online safety
  • Assemblies
  • Drop down days
  • Information to parents

We now have an online portal to support parents. For example how to set up devices.

Parent Online Portal (It takes a few seconds to load)

Other Resources – great resource site

List of media websites – A great resource shows concerning websites/games etc

How to protect your child’s privacy on line

Cyber Bullying


How we have improved Online Safety

Hartsdown is fully committed to online safety and has been progressing in line with best practice we have been completing the 360° online safety tool.

The key changes due to this tool were:

– Establishment of ICT safeguarding group

– Cross-curricular curriculum for online safety

– Quizzes to check understanding (both children and staff)

– Annual training for staff

– Updates to policies

– External IT infrastructure review

We have achieved 1.7 out of 5 (1 is the highest 5 is the lowest score)

If you have any ideas or concerns please contact