National Careers Week 4th – 9th March 2019

This week is National Careers Week, we are participating in many activities across all our subjects, involving all year groups. We will be posting pictures and updates on our social media platforms.



Year 10 will be looking at the murder of Emmett Till from the perspective of detectives trying to understand how the crime occurred.

Year 9 are looking into how politicians have to make difficult decisions by examining whether or not they should drop the atomic bomb on japan. This lesson involves political debate.


Art and Media:

Year 10 Media Studies students will also be participating in the BBC’s Young Reporter activities on Monday and Wednesday which will give them insight into the news industry and the work that goes into producing a news report.

Key stage 3 students will start their lessons about the kind of careers that feature art or that could be considered artists to show them how broad art skills are. They will then consider the routes into these careers.