Further Resources

It has been a very strange time and many children will feel some level of nervousness about returning to school.

There are some simple things to support them.

Mindfulness, Breathing and meditation

It is hard to think if your body is stressed and some children may hyperventilate or display physical systems. Use calming strategies like meditation,  mindfulness or breathing exercises. Slowing your breathing can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger and confusion.

There are some great apps to help with breathing and mindfulness. Please see link at bottom of page


Many children will, understandably, try to avoid the situation that is causing them stress. This might be refusing to attend, avoiding eye contact, not answering questions. Unfortunately avoiding the situation tends to increase anxiety.

So the most effective way to deal with social anxiety might be to face it. If you feel that your child may struggle it may worth spending time last couple of weeks of holiday to take them through the process.

  • Get your child to get up at school time
  • Use the normal route to school (bus/train etc)
  • Visit the school (you are very welcome to come sit on the bench at the front for a while
  • Talk through what they are worried about and why
  • Remind them that many children will have these worries

Counselling and Support

We do have some counselling and support available at Hartsdown. Please contact the school if you feel your child may benefit (contact Sharon Wills)

There is also free online counselling via Kooth