Lockdown Legends Launch

What is Lockdown Legends?

Lockdown Legends is a project to recognise the fantastic achievements of our young people in Kent. Whether it is to acknowledge their efforts at home, in the community, or through schoolwork, clubs or their own personal development KCC want to hear about it and celebrate it! Open to all young people across Kent aged 8-19 (25 with SEND)

What sort of things count?

There is no defined list but things such as shopping or volunteering for the community, helping at home, helping friends or relatives, being a great home learner, learning a new skill or developing a talent, writing songs or making things. The options are endless!

Who can Nominate a young person?

Nominations can come from anyone! Friends, parents, carers, teachers, professionals or the individual can self-nominate.

How will KCC recognise the achievements of the young person?

All nominees will receive a certificate, then each week/month, a selected few will feature in a you-tube video / photo montage that will be posted on KCC’s You-Tube Channel and share on their youth social media pages.

Who will make the selections? 

KCC’s nominations team will consider all the entries each month and notify those that have been selected. As Lockdown measures are lifted, they hope to involve young people in the selection process and in the compiling of video interview footage for their channel.

What happens after Lockdown?

KCC hope that this project will evolve over time to celebrate the amazing achievements of our young people, perhaps with themes, e.g. Summer Legends, Rainbow Legends etc (any ideas you have let us know).

How do I nominate a Young Person?

Please complete a nomination form here or via KCC’s website at www.kent.gov.uk/lockdownlegends

Do we need consent?

Yes! Consent will need to be obtained from the parent / carer for any young person under the age of 16 that wants to take part.  Young people over the age of 16 can complete the consent themselves.  Please use the consent form here

Who do I contact for more information?

General Enquiries Lockdownlegends@kent.gov.uk