Enrichment and Fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Here is some ideas to have fun, relax and learn. We will keep adding to this and if you have suggestions please email me tatem@hartsdown.org

Boredom Jar

Take a large jar and lots of squares of paper. On each, one, write an activity everyone can do – play a board game, make a milkshake. Whenever anyone says “I’m bored”, you pick an activity from the jar. The only rule is you all have to do it before you pick another.

To add an element of trepidation, slip some chores into the jar: clean your room, empty the dishwasher. That way, the jar won’t be empty by the end of day two, and the house might not look as if a bomb has hit it.

Isolation Choir

Mrs Richardson has put together amazing videos to help us all to sing. If you then upload or email you singing she will put this together into a virtual choir. Isolation Choir