Junior Football Leaders

Some of our students form year 9 to year 11 took a Junior Football Leaders course run by The Football Association. FA tutor Lee Suter run the with the students. 

Liam Chapman, Reiss Gray, Alfie Savory and Alfie Scott from year 9. Adam Gleeson, Joel Jones, Reece Stoodley, Ravel Telles, Vinny Menga and Tamzin Jardine from year 10. Miles Butler Hughton, Kai Hosier Sattar, Jordan Jenkin, Masood Mulaakhiel and Ellis Jeffery from year 11. 

these 15 students had a range of experiences around coaching, refereeing, working with teams and leadership skills which although focused on football, are transferable life skills which can be used in later life.

FA Tutor Lee was impressed with our students behavior, manner, commitment, their contribution to the course and most importantly the fact that stepped up in to improve themselves and improve the prospects. 

The course was well received by the students, who were engaged, challenged and mature throughout. Some of the students stepped up in more ways than others and stronger in some aspects of the course than others. These students truly showed the Hartsdown way and gained a huge amount from the course. I am immensely proud of our students today. 

Well done and congratulations to all who participated so well today. ​

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