Jan 2022

As we start a New Year  I would like to extend my thanks to all parents and carers for your support over the past 12 months and particularly over the last few days. Children have shown fantastic resilience, dealing with everything that has happened amazingly well.We should all be extremely proud of how they have dealt with the ever changing expectations and environments.

As you are aware the continued increase in Covid19 across the country has meant that schools have been asked to make further changes including wearing masks in communal areas. We have now been asked to:

  • Encourage students to wear masks in ALL areas
  • Test students prior to their return in January
  • Encourage all visitors to use a Lateral Flow test before coming to site
  • Continue to encourage staff and students to use lateral flow test twice weekly please register this via  (https://testregister.co.uk/login)

To allow testing before returning to lessons we are staggering the start of term in January.
Testing In School

3 January Bank holiday
4 January Year 11 and 6th form No students in school
5 January All year groups No students in school
6 January All year groups Year 11 and 6th form
7 January All year groups Year 11 and 6th form
10 January – All students