ICT Department

Head of Department

Mr C Mills


Mr C Mills, Mr C Cotter, Mr Z Zacharia



Year 7

Term 1

Introduction to computing

–  Code of conduct

–    E-Safety

–    Cyber crime

–    Web quests

–    Viruses

Term 2


-turtle academy  – Maze creation in Logo

– Flowol

Term 3

Kodu game lab

Term 4

Computer Architecture

-Operation of PCs
– Colossus PC
– PC components
– Software

Term 5


-Basic controls

Term 6



Year 8

Term 1


-Basic controls

*this will change for the current year 7 when they move into year 8.

Term 2


-cropping, rotating

–   Masks

– Image effects

–   Layers


Term 3

Flash animation

–   Layers

– Tweens


– sound

Term 4


-Fields, rows, columns
– Primary keys
– Filtering
– Forms
– Reports

Term 5

Web design

-Research techniques

Term 6

Business Enterprise

Business project
-suitable logo
-business card
-use of spreadsheets

Year 9

Term 1 and 2

Mobile Technologies

Investigations into mobile technology
Mobile networks
Methods of communications
Data security and privacy
Work life balance
Ethical issues

Term 3

Online Commerce

Click vs brick
Online commerce
Data protection
Auction sites
Banking services.

Term 4


Home networks
Home entertainment
Online games
Health and safety


Business Documents

Word advanced skills
PowerPoint features
Improving productivity aspects
Scenario and skills based

Term 6

Internet and Security

Types of viruses
Intrusion methods
The internet
Use of the cloud

KS3 Resources



KS4 Exam Board and spec

Year 10

Peason CiDA Certificate in Digital Applications


Students complete 2 units of study:

Unit 1 – Developing Web Products. This is a practical exam unit based on web technologies where students have a series of practical tasks to complete on a given scenario.

Unit 3 – Artwork and Imaging. This is  an assignment based unit giving the learner the skills to design and create their own digital imagery.


Year 11

OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT


Students complete 4 units of study:

Unit 1: Understanding computer systems – Examination Unit

Unit 2: Using ICT to create business solutions – Core assignment based unit

Unit 3: Handling data in spreadsheets – Assignment based unit

Unit 5: Creating an interactive product using multimedia components.

KS4 Resources


Year 10

Aho K, Dharkar, A and Miller G – Digital Design Curriculum Guide (Course Technology, 2003) ISBN: 9780619055165

Burden K, Kuechel T Smith A – Edexcel DiDA: Multimedia (Longman, 2005) ISBN: 978184690110 2

Chapman N and J – Digital Multimedia (John Wiley & Sons, 2004) ISBN: 9780470858905


Clip art

Creative Commons – www.creativecommons.org.uk
Open Clip Art Library – www.openclipart.org
Professional vector clipart (includes free section) – www.cliparts-design.com

Graphic design
www.davidairey.com/5-vital-logo-design-tips/ www.flickr.com/photos/benheine/sets/72157623587191460
Graphics.com – www.graphics.com
Packaging Design – www.designtechnology.org/TVSPackaging.htm 

Year 11


OCR Cambridge Nationals in ICT Student Book Paperback – 28 Sep 2012 ISBN: 978-1444176537