Health and Social and Child Care


Health Social and Child Care

Head of Department

Sharon Buchanan (


Carol Cavanagh, Sue Goulder, Cath Williams and Lisa Goldsworthy



Year 10

Health and Social Care

















Child Care


Communication– will provide knowledge and understanding of how to communicate effectively in a caring environment with individuals in a HSC setting.

First Aid- Students will be able to assess the scene of an accident in health, social care and early year’s settings for risks and continuing dangers and know information needed when contacting the emergency services. Also be able to perform a variety of basic first aid procedures that could occur in a range of health, social care and early years’ settings.


Children’s care includes an overview of the roles and responsibilities of parenthood and the impact that has well-being. Plus an understanding of reproduction and pre-conceptual, antenatal and postnatal care. It also includes how to create a child-friendly home environment and prevention of childhood illnesses and the nutritional needs of a child.



Year 11

Health and Social Care








Child Care


Essential values of Care-It is essential to be aware of and implement the various care values when working within the health and social care sector with consideration of vulnerable individuals who require specialised support.

Understanding Body Systems- This unit provides an underpinning knowledge of the cardiac, respiratory and the digestive system

Child care builds on the knowledge of Year 10 with a final piece of work in the development and growth of a child.


Year 12

Health and Social Care

This Level 3 comprises of multiple units of written and examined elements including dementia care, anatomy, infection control and potentially provides the stepping stone into University or work within the HSC sector.


Year 13

Children’s Play and Learning

This Level 3 Certificate provides you with a broad spectrum of children’s development from birth to 8years old and comprises of a placement too. Success in this course could lead to working with children in a variety of roles.


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