Hartsdown Student Wins Photo Award

Jamie has developed (pardon the pun, non intended) an aptitude for Digital Photography, from the age of 4 he showed an interest and soon began taking pictures himself under direction, his talent began to show through and at 7 yrs old had his first pictures published, this lead to a succession of his work being published and a few months later to his first award. He has continued to strive to improve with great improvements each time, his work and talent was spotted by the local media in 2017 earlier this year which in turn lead to him being contacted by the BBC for Interview, this in turn lead to him being invited by the Master Photography Awards 2017 at Leicester in October. His work was high lighted and shown to some of the Top Photographers in their field not only in the UK but also around the World.

He received an Award from the MPA for "Inspirational Photography" and this has now opened the door way to a possible future career in the digital world. He specialises in Commercial and Documentary Photography and in his own words describes his work as "I view my photography as a  form of Art, in which I hope to inspire others to see the natural world we live in, through the eyes of youths today."

He wishes to pursue a career in Digital Media and has been invited to several VIP Events through the rest of 2017 and on into 2018.

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