Head of DepartmentMiss C Deacon
TeachersMiss L Reeve, Miss C Deacon, Mr C Davies


Year 7Asia and Africa This is an exciting opportunity to explore the hidden wonders of two of the biggest continents.Europe and Antarctica

This is an ongoing investigation into the physical and human environments across two divers plains

The Americas

An in depth focus study of key geographical features across North and South America, using geographical skills.

Year 8Coasts

This is a local study of the ever changing coastal morphology and landforms.

Weather and Climate

A global investigation into the day to day changes within the atmosphere leading to global climatic changes, introducing weather hazards and their impacts.

UK map skills

An depth look at the Uk enhancing geographical knowledge and understanding of the surrounding environment through developing skills

Year 9Development

This is a dynamic study into the growing world around us, with a focus on the new indicators of development,

Case study Development

This is an extension of develop with a focused study comparing a high income country to a low income country

Changing Cities

This is a new topic this year due to the introduction into the GCSE, this allows students the chance to explore, population, settlements and urbanisation.

KS4 Exam Board and specYear 11  Edexcel Geography A GCSE

Year 10 AQA Geography GCSE

KS3 Resources


Along with in lesson resources such as starter word searches, solo, paired and group activities, map work, problem solving including maths and literacy skills

KS4 Resources

Along with the textbooks, in class resources including maths and literacy skills.