Head of Department

Sarah Wilson (wilsons@hartsdown.org)


Sarah Wilson, Charlotte Rigden, Alex Moyse, Fay Henderson, Lorraine Miller, Lauren Cogger, Hannah Kingsman and Victoria Crwys-Williams.



Year 7

In term 1 and 2, we study ‘Private Peaceful’ and ‘Ghost Game’. The GCSE assessment objectives are introduced, including reading and writing.


In term 3 and 4, we study ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Students explore a key play of Shakespeare’s and British literary heritage, with a focus on narrative writing.

In term 5, we study nature poetry. Students investigate key themes and techniques in poetry.

In term 6, we study non-fiction and transactional writing. Students undertake a range of writing tasks with various forms, purposes and audiences.

Year 8

In terms 1 and 2, we study the Gothic Horror genre. Students analyse a range of texts and develop their narrative writing skills.

In term 3, we study War Poetry. Students develop their poetry analysis skills within a particular theme.

In term 4, we study ‘The Tempest’. Students are exposed to another Shakespeare play, which allows for further development in identifying key themes and features of Shakespearean language.

In term 5 and 6, we study ‘Of Mice and Men’, expanding students’ awareness of literature from other cultures. 

Year 9

In terms 1 and 2, we study ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’. Students develop their knowledge of British literary heritage through analysis of language and structure.

In term 3 and 4, we study ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Students build on their previous Shakespearean knowledge alongside developing their ability to discuss specific scenes and the play as a whole. This play also emphasises the importance of historical context.

In term 5, we study the ‘Taking a Stand’ poetry cluster. Students further develop their analytical skills and confidence in using technical terminology.

In term 6, we study ‘An Inspector Calls’. Students begin to prepare for their GCSE exams through studying this text.

KS4 Exam Board and spec

English Language- Edexcel

English Literature- AQA

KS3 Resources

Private Peaceful

Ghost Game

Gothic Horror

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Poetry- Nature and ‘Taking a Stand’

The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Tempest

Romeo and Juliet

War Poetry

Of Mice and Men

An Inspector Calls


KS4 Resources


A Christmas Carol

Pre-20th Century Literature


Poetry Anthology

Non-fiction texts

An Inspector Calls