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Design Technology

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Year 7


 Students learn all about the Eat-well plate and each of its five sections as well as learning how to work safely and hygienically in the kitchen whilst producing their products and helping build their confidence when cooking.


This is a focussed design and practical task to make a “Gumball Dispenser” from Pine, dowel, plywood and any scrap wood and plastic available.

The Students learn how to manufacture and assemble a Gumball Dispenser and learn how to use a range of tools processes order to make a product that’s fun and interesting to use.

The project develops the pupils designing skills and encourages an awareness of aesthetics.




Students learn how to research and design chocolate wrappers with an emphasis on markets and what makes a product appealing







Year 8

students continue to learn about the eat well plate and the nutrients each section provides for our bodies and how to prepare and cook balanced healthy meals.

The Students learn how to manufacture and assemble a Steady Hand Game to the given Design Situation and Design Brief; this will include the use of jigs. Students will also design and create a suitable background and theme for their product which encourages creativity, individualisation and personal identity. Students learn how to use and interpret a circuit plan for them to use during the assembly of their circuit which aims to encourage independent learning. the students learn about and understand the properties of a range of materials –wood/plywood for the base and backgrounds (including basic joinery skills and the use of countersunk screws and accurate drilling). Copper rods, Aluminium wire for the wand and trace and the use of cutting and forming jigs. The project concludes with the students testing their product and that of their peers and finally, evaluating their Final Product under suitable test conditions. Some students choose to modify their project which can include switches, wand storage, extra LEDs etc.

Sci Fi film posters are researched and designed with an interesting look into the genre with its historical development being into account.

Year 9

food requirements through life and different food cultures and diets the also learn how to make food choices and how to adapt a recipe to suit their needs.

All years get to take part in practical cooking sessions where the produce a snack or meal to take away with them.




This project aims to teach the pupils about basic design and make skills. The outcome is also to develop knowledge of the properties of copper and brass.

Students will design manufacture and assemble a bracelet and broach/pendant to the given Design Situation and Design Brief; this will include the use of a range of basic metal working tools and an introduction to annealing techniques. The project will conclude with the students testing and evaluating their product and that of their peers and finally, evaluate their jewellery under suitable test conditions. The aim is for the pupils to take home a wearable piece of jewellery to raise their self-esteem and the profile of the department.

Students should be able to select from and use a wider range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks [for example, cutting, stamping, shaping, joining

and finishing], accurately and select from and use a wider range of materials and components according to their functional properties and aesthetic qualities


Lighting project

This is a good project for the

acquisition of technical drawing skills including isometric and perspective.

Styles and home improvements are looked at

KS4 Exam Board and spec





Design and Technology: enables learners to work creatively when designing and making and apply technical and practical expertise, in order to:

demonstrate an understanding that all design and technological activity takes place within contexts that influence the outcomes of design practice, develop realistic design proposals, develop the skills to refine their own ideas whilst designing and making, communicate their design ideas and decisions using different media and techniques, develop decision making skills.

Develop a broad knowledge of materials, ingedients, components and technologies and practical skills and take design risks in order to avoid clichéd responses.

Students will also consider the costs, commercial viability and marketing of products and demonstrate safe working practices in design and technology.

KS3 Resources

Design Technology is predominantly workshop, kitchen and design based using a range of materials and skills to make products. CAD CAM is incorporated into these projects using Laser cutting and 3D modelling. 

KS4 Resources


GCSE students can will take Design Technology which can focus on one of the chosen areas. The students learn safe workshop and Kitchen practice and the safe use of cookers, machine tools including pillar drills, belt sander, scroll saws and a wide range of hand tools.