The Mathematics Department strives for all students to perform well in their exams, and the proof is that there is a record number of students choosing Maths as a subject for study in the Sixth Form. Our aim is for this subject to be entertaining and stimulating so that pupils understand the relevance of what they learn and how it can be applied to real-life situations outside of school.

  • Our priority is to develop the students’ confidence so that they do not feel embarrassed when they make mistakes and are never afraid to try new challenges.
  • Outcomes – Students get top grades in maths and can continue maths into 6th form Supporting Students – We have a fantastic numeracy intervention programme to support students.
  • Careers – numeracy skills are fundamental to all careers. 

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, students follow the challenging International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. This programme has led to our students making better than average progress in internationally recognised tests.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4, students complete GCSE maths. This course ensures that students have a solid grounding in maths allowing them to either continue their maths education in 6th form and beyond or have the requisite skills to succeed in life.

Key Stage 5

Hartsdown Academy Sixth Form IBCP Options

IB Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation


Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation allows students to develop a more sophisticated understanding of Mathematics and has a significant focus on its application to real life problems. This course includes topics that are traditionally part of a pre-university mathematics course such as statistics to help students to understand and interpret data, and calculus.

This course is aimed at students with a variety of mathematical backgrounds and is ideal for students who enjoy describing the real world and investigating and solving practical mathematics problems. As such, this course is ideal for students who wish to further their understanding and love of mathematics in preparation for University and the world of work, as they will develop valuable knowledge and problem solving skills which are important for both pathways.

This course will further develop mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills that will serve students well if they wish to study Mathematics at a higher level or any other course with a high level of mathematical content.

Topic 1 – Numbers & algebra
Topic 2 – Functions
Topic 3 – Geometry & trigonometry
Topic 4 – Statistical application
Topic 5 – Calculus
Mathematical Exploration: An individual piece of work involving the collection of information or the generation of measurements, and subsequent analysis and evaluation.


Students who wish to study this course will need to have a GDC calculator.

There are 2 x1.5hr papers which both allow use of a graphics calculator (worth 40% each)

There is also an internally marked, and externally verified, piece of work called the Internal Assessment which is basically a Maths essay on a topic of students’ choosing. This is an independent piece of work with 2 pieces of teacher feedback. (worth 20%)

Future Courses and Possible Careers:

Healthcare systems or coding
Tourism industries
The technology industry
Social informatics, or urban planning.

Next steps:
The qualification carries UCAS points and is recognised by higher education providers as contributing to admission requirements for many courses. It can give context to subjects that would benefit from some sector background and be taken as part of a diverse programme, leaving progression options fully open.

Mathematics qualifications are held in high regard by many employers and universities because of the skills it develops and the dedication required by Learners to complete the full course. Employers will consider problem solving, thinking logically and high level quantitative and numerical skills as obvious acquisitions on a maths qualification.

Student Comments

“I have always found maths hard. But with the help given in maths intervention I am now getting it!”

Year 7

“I am doing really well at maths and my teacher pushes me to complete the strive tasks.”

Year 8

“I attended maths after school enrichment and achieved a top grade. I am now studying maths at A level “

Year 12

“To my surprise I am enjoying maths GCSE and know I am going to do well.”

Year 10