History at Hartsdown equips students with lifelong learning into the past applied to the present and crucial skills to apply to all areas of work. The aim of studying history is to develop key understanding of our present through the past, without such knowledge, we fail to challenge and develop our diverse society. For this to happen, History at Hartsdown delves deeper into rights and protest, exploring diversity around the world such as India, Africa and America and, crucially, our local history – to truly understand where we lie in the world.

History will offer opportunities to create investigations, embed empathy and develop the reasons behind why things happen and the impact it has had such as medieval religion, the rise of dictators and Wars. Beyond the factual and conceptual knowledge, History at Hartsdown gives pupils the foundations by which all of their subjects are built on, without such foundations, students would struggle to access the real world effectively. History at Hartsdown lies at the heart of what makes us active, diverse and global citizens ready to tackle the world.

History is a subject that requires curiosity and imagination from its students. History helps students to develop their own identity through knowledge of those events that occurred in local, national or international spheres. This helps students to ask questions and to develop different perspectives of the same event.

It is encouraged that students be interested in historical events in a variety of ways, such as through excursions to visit monuments, watching documentaries and films, or talking to family members about historical events. Reading the newspaper is also useful as it helps develop critical analysis and interpret different sources of information.


Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

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Student Comments

“I love history. Getting to try on world war uniform made war really real”

Year 8

“In MYP we get to use our skills from English to work on our History. This makes a real difference and I am making great progress.”

Year 7