Computer Science


The main objective of the ICT and Computer Science department is to provide opportunities for students to build key transferable skills in using IT. With these key skills, students can apply them to the rest of their curriculum subjects. This subject aims to expand the students’ research and communication skills, in addition to working on 3D design, programming with Scratch, Google Apps, Python programming, and build computational logic skills.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 students follow the challenging International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. This curriculum includes the basics of programming which pushes students to learn how to programme using Python. The thread of building transferable skills runs throughout Key Stage 3, where lesson outcomes require a mix and varied product to be produced. In addition to this we ensure students understand how to keep themselves safe online and how to use all of the key package features of key programs that they will use throughout their careers.

Key Stage 4

If students wish to continue ICT they have a range of options at Hartsdown.

Imedia is an exciting course where students get to develop and apply IT and design skills to real-world projects. They will learn to use commercial packages, such as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Animate. This qualification gives an insight into careers in graphic design or product marketing. This vocational course is an excellent grounding for a career in creative ICT.

Computer science is a challenging course that goes beyond the usual ‘user’ approach which is ICT. Students get to understand and work with programming languages as well as understand how computers work and some of the ethical and moral components of information technology. This course is an excellent start for a career in computer science and progression to Key Stage 5.

Key Stage 5

At 6th Form at Hartsdown Academy, students can take their learning further and study the International Baccalaureate in Computer Science. This qualification entails students to study the application of IT in the real-world context. Students have the opportunity to produce a programming project that the students’ create to solve a real-world problem of their choice.

Computer Science Club
In computer club, students have the opportunities to go further, to advance their programming and IT skills.


Student Comments

“I love ICT. The new IT rooms are brilliant and we have started to learn how to programme.”

Year 8


“I really love computer science and have enjoyed finding out how to program.”

Year 9

“I am planning to pursue a career in IT and hope to be an app designer. The opportunities that I have been given to learn to program and to understand how the IT world works have been amazing. Hartsdown also organised an ICT based work experience that has confirmed this is what I want to do.”

Year 12

“Learning about real-world IT has been really interesting and I now know about some of the career options available to me in IT.”

Year 10