This is an incredible difficult and unprecedented time for everybody. As a school we have closed for the majority of students. The closure is in place to try and reduce the transmission of the virus and therefore help the NHS to manage and reduce the number of deaths. It is vital that we do our bit and follow this guidance.

During this period we have in place a full timetable of live online lessons. Children must attend these lessons.

We have adapted the times of these lessons to help students have screen breaks. For more details please see our Remote Learning Policy Link

Children of Critical workers

The school is providing a safe place for children of key workers to access their remote learning. To request a place please use this form and we will contact you to confirm: Form

Vulnerable Children

The government has outlined a list of vulnerable children the key categories for this are:

  1. Children with an EHCP or significant SEN need
  2. Children in care
  3. Children with services
  4. Otherwise categorised by the school or other agency as vulnerable
  5. Children who are unable to access remote learning

We are providing a full taught curriculum for categories 1 – 4 and expect these children to attend school. For children in category 5 we are supporting children on an individual basis.

Off line work
We are not providing offline work as it is not possible to provide good enough quality work to ensure progress. We will instead work with you to resolve ICT issues and if necessary students can attend school to access their remote learning.

Please contact your child’s year leader if you are having issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Closure (6)

The government has told us to close to try and reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The government’s guidance is clear. If a child can stay at home the should do so.

We have followed the government’s guidance and risk assessed students with an EHCP and have concluded that all of our children’s needs can safely be met at home. As it is our view that all of our children and young people needs can be met at home, as none of our children receive personal care at school.

We have spoken to the majority of parents who have been fully supportive. Please do contact if you want advice or support in supporting your child at home.


The government has not told us but it may be an extended period

We will be isolating them as far as possible. They will complete the same work that students at home are completing. We are not in a position to teach them and will be only be offering supervision.


We are keen to keep children learning whilst the school is closed down. Please follow the instructions below. If you have any issues contact the school

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