Staff Meeting Notes – 12th September 2017

Mr Tate started by saying a massive thank you to all staff for the great start of term.  Mr Tate has noticed children responding well to the rules. Mr Tate would also like to thank Hayley Santer for the very successful transition day, feedback from the children was very positive and all enjoyed the day.

Matt reminded staff of the meeting tonight at 3.15pm in the hall.   Mr Tate explained the first 30 mins will be in the hall then back to departments where there will be a 10-15 min activity, the activity is for the pro former website so the departments pages can get set up.

Mr Tate informed staff that the years 7’s best work needs to be at the front of their books, if there are any missing please email Harvey.  Mr Tate also told staff Jane Troth is in school today, Teachers whose classrooms she is visiting know when to be expecting her.

Mr Tate finished by relaying to staff how he is planning the middle leader’s meetings and their agendas, he is hoping on having a meeting soon.