Hartsdown Way: Teaching and Learning

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As I have mentioned we make a huge difference to the lives of our students who deserve the very best education. This document is an attempt to ensure that we work together to achieve this by providing a consistent experience for our students.

It is not intended to stifle creativity but to provide a structure in which we can be creative.

We have worked on it since the beginning of term and I have had a lot of useful feedback particularly on Friday. It will remain in 'in draft' so that we can continue to refine and improve it.

It was clear from the feedback that staff wanted a minimal number of agreed expectations. I have therefore incorporated these as Part A. It is expected that in every lesson these will be evident. As you can see they are simply good and better teaching and I would expect the incorporation of these will not involve re-planning work. 

I have provided a quick video for the objectives https://youtu.be/tKPimcoJQdA

Everything except data folder: Please could you ensure that these are evident from Monday.
Data Folder: We are resolving an issue with the photo seating plans, please could you ensure that your data folder is fully unto date by the end of the month.

Part B is some guidance on effective lessons. Please use this to guide your planning and practice.

I am keen to continually improve this document and would welcome ideas and thoughts. Please also email Amanda if there are any areas you want urgent support with and we will set up workshops to help.

Thank you