New Food Pod arrives!

Thanks to Independent Catering and the site team our new food pod has arrived. This will help ease the queue times.

Slideshow below.

Student Council Support World Fair Trade Day

As part of the student council’s continued involvement with community projects, Shona, Kathryn, Callum and Kane volunteered to help celebrate the World Fair Trade Day on Sunday 14 May at the Winter Gardens, Margate. They assisted with the promotion of fair trade highlighting its importance and taking on every task with cheerful willingness.  Some students even sported banana suits branded with the Fair Trade logo whilst speaking to the community.  Well done to the student council team, you are a credit to the school.

fairtrade faitrade2 fairtrade3

Return to Study

return to study

Are you interested in a return to learning?

Beginning in September 2017, The University of Kent is launching an exciting new way for adults to return to education at Hartdown Academy, The Access to Higher Education Diploma is designed for adults and focuses on coursework rather than exams.Taught in the evenings, you will be able to study a range of subjects, such as Pscyhology, Sociology, English Literature and Creative Writing, on the Social Sciences and Humanities Pathways.

An information evening will be taking place on Wednesday 7th June 2017, 18.00 – 19.30, at Hartsdown Academy. To register your interest for this event, please email Ms Gipson on or book into this evening then please follow the link : University of Kent

For further information, please visit the University of Kent website or contact

This will be followed by taster sessions on 14th June, 21st June, 28th June and 5th July.UKC



Wales Trip

One of the opportunities that Hartsdown students have is to go and visit Snowdon. During this residential students are taken out of their comfort zone as they climb a mountain, traverse over the sea and complete a gorge walk. This gives students opportunity to develop their leadership and resilence. The videos below give a flavour of the trip.

Junior Football Leaders

Some of our students form year 9 to year 11 took a Junior Football Leaders course run by The Football Association. FA tutor Lee Suter run the with the students. 

Liam Chapman, Reiss Gray, Alfie Savory and Alfie Scott from year 9. Adam Gleeson, Joel Jones, Reece Stoodley, Ravel Telles, Vinny Menga and Tamzin Jardine from year 10. Miles Butler Hughton, Kai Hosier Sattar, Jordan Jenkin, Masood Mulaakhiel and Ellis Jeffery from year 11. 

these 15 students had a range of experiences around coaching, refereeing, working with teams and leadership skills which although focused on football, are transferable life skills which can be used in later life.

FA Tutor Lee was impressed with our students behavior, manner, commitment, their contribution to the course and most importantly the fact that stepped up in to improve themselves and improve the prospects. 

The course was well received by the students, who were engaged, challenged and mature throughout. Some of the students stepped up in more ways than others and stronger in some aspects of the course than others. These students truly showed the Hartsdown way and gained a huge amount from the course. I am immensely proud of our students today. 

Well done and congratulations to all who participated so well today. ​

April 2017 – A Fresh New Start!

Independent Catering are delighted to have been appointed as the catering partners at Hartsdown Academy.

As a small, local Kent based company, our philosophy is based on delivering fresh, locally procured food. Our fresh food credentials are further underpinned by the recent award of the Gold Standard Catering mark by the Soil Association. This means we meet the highest standards of food provenance. Our menus include more ethically sourced and organic meat and vegetables which means healthier options for our customers.

90% of our menus are freshly prepared in the school kitchen which means we know what goes into our menus including allergens – so if you want to know you just need to ask.

We will provide a range of main meals for the students which we know they will love.

The menu will be available to see on our website and the school website.

The main meal will be reduced from £2.60 to £2.30 for a main meal and dessert delivering great value.

We will provide a range of combination meal deals for £2.30 such as:

Fresh Baguette and a fruit pot

Salad Shaker and a home baked veggie cake

Pasta Pot with a homemade cookie

There are so many other exciting new developments for our customers to look forward.

Freshly made sandwiches and baguettes with our speciality hand cut range Shaker Salad Pots with prawn cocktail, chicken tikka with raita and a Caesars salad

Our Street Food Range including pulled pork in a brioche bun and Thai Green Curry with a Sticky Rice

Home bakes made in our kitchen

Chilled drinks

A new cashless system will be introduced in the new term.

Cash is currently welcome at all service points.

We will make be making some other exciting changes. A new external FOOD POD will be introduced in the autumn term – keep an eye out for further details.


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Year 11 Easter Revision Sessions 3-6 April

Year 11 please ensure you take advantage of our Easter revision sessions taking place daily from 3 – 6 April… collect points and achieve your goals!
#HAStrive #WIT 

easter revision 2017

Talented Year 7

Jamie (Year 7) has shown incredible talent and effort in photography and has had some of his photos published on the Isle of Thanet Facebook page.

Well done Jamie

Jamie sand heart 030516 Jamies 1 010516 Jamies Crab Jamies shot 4


On Thursday 16Careersland 2th March 2017, Year 10 pupils took part in an East Kent Careers & Skills Event, organised by EBP Kent, which was based at Dreamland, Margate.

Moving beyond Key Stage 4 for many is a step into the unknown, so students had the opportunity to meet with local employers, training and education organisations to find out about future pathways and the steps they need to take to fulfill their potential career.

Students got to speak to a wide range of people and organisations including, Sky, military, nursing, Greenwich University, Canterbury Christchurch University, NHS – including nursing and paramedics, Powell Cotton museum, Barclays and Saga.

Careersland 3 Comments from students who attended the afternoon included:

"I found this very useful because I found lots of new careers I could do and how I would get there.  I also found out more about apprenticeships."

"It was a very good experience and I recommend more students go there."

"I wish that I could choose more career than one"


Bradley Wright from Year 10 wrote:

"The interactions of all the different colleges and universities were really friendly and informative of their chosen career. Also the questions that me and other students asked were responded with detail and professionalism. There were a lot of job options but unfortunately there were not a lot of options for a veterinary career although there was one college that had an animal background. An improvement could be that maybe some beverages could have been provided at a low price so students can reminisce with other students about good colleges and universities. Overall it was a fun day and had very interesting spread of careers but could use some diversity also some colleges were alike such as some NHScareers."Careersland 1